The future of work and communications must go beyond advances in technology to be successful

At TechComms, we are continuing to explore the most effective way to adapt to the significant changes that the workplace has undergone in the last three years. We’ve tested new innovations, enhanced video conferencing with AR, made collaboration for our team easier and shared our tips and tricks for how to make the most of hybrid working. But we know there’s more to this important topic about the future of how we communicate and working together in an increasingly digital, mobile-first world. So, we turned to industry expert in the field of unified communication and collaboration, Rob Bamforth, for more insights and knowledge to share with our clients and peers.

We commissioned an article authored by Rob that focuses on how workplace communication is being impacted by global change (not just the pandemic).  He explores the types of advances in technology that are supporting efforts towards a common business goal, and hints at what the future might look like. We also teamed up with tech journalist, David Howell to present a two-part podcast miniseries: ‘Communication in a post-pandemic world: how are businesses collaborating?’. The podcast features a discussion with Rob Bamforth to find out what communications mean to businesses and whether we are seeing an improvement in collaboration.

Download the complimentary Future of Work and Communications article, listen to the first of our two-part podcast miniseries and read our blogs on the future of the workplace here.