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Featuring thought leadership article and podcast by Rob Bamforth, Independent Industry Analyst (former Quocirca analyst) and Founder and Director of Timefort Limited

About the thought leadership article’: How do workplaces and individuals adjust in a post-pandemic world?

By Rob Bamforth

It is not simply a matter of rolling out more technology, but stepping back to understand how people and organisational processes really work, and finding the right blend of culture, control and communication, to be effective and supportive.

The workplace always evolves as working patterns change, individuals’ aspirations and lifestyles shift, and technology offers new possibilities. Usually, this happens relatively slowly, and with different paces and directions for different organisations. Sudden events with worldwide impact are rare, but the covid pandemic caused a rapid and significant dislocation to current practices. Fortunately, digital connectivity and technology was able to cushion some of the immediate impact, but there are ramifications for how the workplace and individuals adjust to a ‘new normal’

Rob’s article will also talk about how workplace communication has been impacted, the types of advances in technology that are supporting efforts towards a common business goal and what the future might look like.


    Featured Podcast – Two-part mini-series with Rob Bamforth

    Communication in a post-pandemic world: how are businesses collaborating?

    In this podcast episode we look at the future of work in relation to communications for businesses. Lots of tools have seen a fast adoption rate due to the pandemic but seeing as this was either an adopt or struggle situation, organisations had little option. Now we are returning to a sense of normality in 2022, we ask what communications mean to businesses and whether we are seeing an improvement in collaboration.

    Tech journalist David Howell presents this two-part mini-series and he is joined by guru in the unified communications and collaboration space, Rob Bamforth, an independent analyst and marketing consultant. Rob’s main interest is in how technology can be used to impact process and individuals through communications and collaboration.

    Join us also for part two soon where Rob will go into more depth about tools and adaptations for the future of work.

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