TechComms podcast series: Communication in a post-pandemic world (Part 1)

We are excited to present part one in our Future of Work TechComms podcast series: ‘Communication in a post-pandemic world: How are businesses collaborating? – Part One

Our podcast series explores all elements of the new ways of working in today’s environment, from the challenges and opportunities of a hybrid working model, to how new technologies, a collaborative model and work practices can optimise cost and drive business growth and value through agile working.

In this episode, hosted by esteemed tech journalist, David Howell, we explore the future of work and communications. David talks to author and communications and collaboration thought leader and industry analyst, Rob Bamforth to discuss the need to adapt to how the world of work has changed. Rob shares his thoughts and insights from his article, The Future of Work and Communications, where he discusses how organisations can use technology to impact business processes and individuals through communications and collaboration. 

This is the first part of a two-part series David will host with Rob as his guest, we hope you enjoy it.

Listen across platforms at this link.