Remove ‘tech speak’ from your b2b tech pr communications to create more engagement with your target audience 

As a B2B tech PR agency, we’ve had the good fortune to work with many B2B companies pioneering new markets and introducing groundbreaking technology. Whilst it’s exciting and always interesting, “tech speak” can sometimes overshadow a big announcement. “Tech speak” is happening when you can’t follow the conversation because the words are like a different language. Plain, simple English is what you need, but it’s not always what you get. Unfortunately, technologists who speak in tech jargon and acronyms can all too often leave the listener feeling disengaged.

With the rise of influencers, this “tech speak” can mean lost opportunities to reach more audiences. We’ve blogged about B2B brands embracing influencers to tell their stories and we’re big advocates of this approach. But it has to be done carefully. An influencer isn’t always a tech journalist or an industry analyst. They’re typically more generalists and that means the language and messaging has to be more approachable and engaging. It has to tell a story that’s interesting and compelling with real-world examples that help a reader/listener (if it’s a podcast) understand quickly why they should care about the technology.

So, how can PR professionals help support tech companies with simplifying complex technologies? Here’s some pro tips from our team to yours.

  • Provide a basic understanding of the technology. Why was it created? Who was it created for? Is this a first-of-its-kind? Why is it important?
  • Lead with benefits over features/capabilities. How does it benefit the market it has been created for? What does it do for this market? How does it make potential/existing customers’ jobs easier, better, or faster?
  • Share anecdotes. Don’t get caught up in not being able to name customer companies. You can give customer examples without giving away any confidential information. Ask your PR team to help you build these story personas.
  • Liven up your voice/tone, be enthusiastic. No one said B2B technology communications had to be drier than a desert. In fact, with the right delivery it can be downright exciting. If your brand’s solution has the potential to change the world in a positive way, talk about it so that’s the takeaway. Avoid the temptation to oversell your new product by cramming in all the bells and whistles. Leave your audience wanting more!
  • Keep it super simple. Read your pitch aloud. Is it short, succinct? If you shared it with a friend or a relative, would they understand what the message is? Would they be interested in hearing more about the new solution? If yes, it’s ready for prime time. If not, take another pass at it and really boil it down to the two or three most important points you want them to understand.

Technology is the underpin of everything in our lives. And B2B technology pretty much runs the world. It’s time to take the way we talk about it to the business media and influencers out of the dark ages. To reach more audiences, removing the “tech speak”/jargon is important. When technology is made to sound overly complicated and complex, you risk alienating the very people who can be your best advocates for telling the world why your solution matters.

We can help you simplify your communications and build PR messaging that resonates across your audiences. We’d love the opportunity to work with you. Contact us.