Future of Work podcast series: Communication in a post-pandemic world (Part 2)

Drumroll please! We’re excited to share that with this blog post we have reached a milestone—100 published blogs. We’re really proud of this because it’s a practice that we highly recommend to our clients. Consistent blogging builds community and thought leadership. We hope you’ve found our blogs insightful and fun to read. Thank you for reading along over the past four years. It’s been amazing to connect with you on the blog!

Now on to today’s blog: Part II of our Future of Work – Communication in a post-pandemic world podcast series is live. In this next episode, hosted by esteemed tech journalist David Howell with special guest – communications and collaboration thought leader and industry analyst, Rob Bamforth, they discuss advice for the right tools and collaboration capabilities to build a flexible, agile distributed workforce.

They touch on topics such as how customisation can be limiting, how to know when to engage/disengage with communications like video conferencing, the value of embracing tech etiquette, how critical it is to lead with a more human approach and the need for making security a top priority when your workforce is working from anywhere.

Rob stresses the importance of focusing on employee experiences — culture and communications — to make collaboration possible without overstepping into surveilling where employees are and what they’re up to. For organisations wondering what to do next to make their distributed workforce productive and efficient, Rob offers some great advice: “take an incremental approach, not instantaneous.”

Listen to what else he and Dave discuss on the podcast here.

If you missed part 1, listen here across platforms and check out Rob’s informative article about The Future of Work and Communications.