The power of influencers on b2b tech PR campaign success

The use of influencers (anyone whose opinions are trusted) in tech is on the rise. Seen as ideal brand collaborators, they give a voice to technology that can be confusing and littered with tech jargon in other mediums (we’re looking at you press releases!). So, in this blog we’re going to look at the pros and cons of using an influencer to amplify your b2b tech PR campaign success. 

Pros: An outside influencer can help seed your audience in an engaging and tangible way. For example, your product demonstrated in an easy-to-understand video format. People are generally more receptive to receiving information in a relatable way from someone they already know, trust and follow. Influencers give you access to reach more people on channels your company may not have a presence on. Think YouTube or TikTok where you may be able to try out new, creative ways to share your message. 

Cons: Finding the right influencer to partner with can be tricky. You want to make sure you have a clear understanding of the influencer’s audience, niche and content to ensure you don’t do any harm to your brand. Working with influencers requires a unique approach because they don’t necessarily have an established process for engaging with brand partners. It’s best to assign someone on your team to work with influencers directly as it does require heavy lifting of researching and building relationships to ensure you find the right influencer fit for your company. 

Bottom line: Engaging with an influencer can benefit a PR campaign by giving it a credible voice and a point of view that goes beyond corporate company speak. Influencers can add an important dimension that is often missing from a product launch, including real-world anecdotes and an honest review of what you’re bringing to market. This can help your customers and prospects better understand the value of what you’re offering and do it in a way that is accessible and credible. 

As you can see, influencers can be another powerful way to increase interactions with your audience. 

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