How adopting a growth mindset can make your business more resilient 

The value of a growth mindset (always learning, open to change, tackle challenges) versus a fixed mindset (set in ways, no motivation to fix what is perceived as not being broken) cannot be undermined. In light of the challenging and uncertain times we find ourselves in these days, we believe adopting a growth mindset is key to “carrying on.” We’ve all been asked to flex our resilience muscles in ways we never could have imagined. At TechComms, embracing a growth mindset has helped us increase motivation and productivity while creating an overall sense of “in this together.” Read on for our thoughts about how it could help your business too.

See challenge as opportunity 

We know that change isn’t easy. It’s not always comfortable. In fact, it can be downright painful. But when we can’t adapt and be open to change, everyone suffers. Fostering a culture that’s encouraged to see new challenges as opportunities to learn can help you better achieve goals. When we shut down being open to learning and trying out new ideas, we hold the team back from feeling safe to take risks and fail. Failing is as much a part of success as succeeding. This approach does require more patience and a focus on the process instead of the end result, but the goodwill it creates is worth it.

 Humility and grit 

When team members give feedback to you and others, are you open to giving and receiving constructive criticism? Lead by example. This helps build an environment where learning and thinking outside the box is highly encouraged. Demonstrating humility can help a team grow together by letting team members teach. Believe it or not, humility can increase grit – which plays an incredibly important role in employee satisfaction. Building a team that has grit, the passion to achieve a goal and not give up, helps you rise above failures and setbacks and persevere until there is a positive outcome.

Support professional development and individual growth

With a growth mindset, investing in the growth and development of your team is fundamental. Employees who believe they can improve and want to develop their skills should be encouraged to do so. You can support this by offering them access to professional development resources, including workshops and training and by providing learning opportunities internally. Consider informal and formal forums for sharing techniques and best practices amongst your team. Not only will this help employees grow, it’s also a great way to enhance collaboration.

A growth mindset can lead to higher achievement and a happy, fulfilled team. Staying in a fixed mindset with fixed processes and communication styles can inadvertently hold people back from reaching their full potential. As we continue to navigate through this time, resilience can be strengthened by being open to new possibilities and approaches.

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