The Future is Flexible

While technology has been a blessing as we’ve shifted to work from home, it can also be a curse. At times, it’s been overly intrusive and has made us feel like we can’t leave our laptop for fear that it’ll look as though we’re not working hard enough. This can be problematic for keeping employees motivated. Following the pandemic, it’ll be necessary to redefine how to work; we have to be careful about giving too much power to technology and inadvertently holding ourselves back from being a productive, engaged workforce.

This was clear in a recent article about how to build a future world of work which took a closer look at the technologies that can be used for good and the technologies that can create a culture of fear. We’ll soon be at a crossroads and companies will need to choose a path. Our hope is that technology can be used to make all of us more productive and collaborative without impeding on our personal freedoms or chaining us to a desk whether that’s in an office or in a work-from-home scenario.

Whatever comes next for the workplace, we’ve learned that flexibility is the key to our team’s success. The world of 9-5, 40 hours a week appears to be exiting stage left. As we become increasingly more mobile in how we connect and communicate, being at your desk and punching the clock is not nearly as important as being productive and doing good work.

Offering flexibility to your teams shows you value work-life balance. It builds trust, respect, and commitment. It shows we’re empathetic to each other and care about the need for flexibility to attend to other life matters (i.e., caring for a parent or child, travelling, volunteer commitments, etc.)

At TechComms, we’re committed to supporting a flexible-friendly culture that embraces our mobile lifestyles. We’ve seen that when we give our team more flexibility, we benefit from more creativity and productivity and so do our clients. We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know that the time has come for embracing flexibility, finding a better balance in our work lives, and utilising the technologies that will enable it.

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