New TechComms podcast series: Exploring new ways of working in today’s environment

We are excited to launch a new podcast series which will explore the new ways of working in today’s environment.

2020 saw a forced acceleration of digital technology adoption for businesses to allow them to continue operating during the Covid-19 pandemic. In this series we will talk to several experts about their views of technologies and trends that are potentially shaping the future work landscape.

Technologies enabling remote working, such as video conferencing and collaboration tools continue to gain momentum, and flexible working finally appears to be accepted as the norm by many businesses, as a result of the pandemic.

Businesses are also starting to create a culture that puts their employees first – providing them with the tools and resources to work from any device, any location and at any time while working securely, enabling the employee to choose the environment that works best for them.
Our podcast series will explore all elements of the new ways of working in today’s environment, from the challenges and opportunities of a hybrid working model, to how new technologies and work practices can optimise cost and drive value through agile working. We will also explore how moving from siloed business strategies to a collaborative model can drive business growth and improve customer engagement.

In our first episode, we are joined by Paula Morris, lead generation director at TechComms and director at Pi Marketing Solutions to discuss how webinars and online communications can serve as the perfect platform for selling to customers and communicating with stakeholders. Paula also shares some practical advice for marketeers on how to acquire new customers, and nurture, grow and retain them in the current business climate.

Please take 30 minutes out of your day to listen to our first podcast of this new series, we hope you enjoy it. Here is a link to listen across platforms: