Future of work and communications: An in-depth look at how the workplace is evolving

Is email becoming a dinosaur in a fast-paced, remote/hybrid workplace? Is video the best path forward for collaboration? Or, will new technology advance how we interact at work? To answer these questions and many others, we tapped Rob Bamforth, an independent industry analyst and expert in the unified communications and collaboration space, to take a closer look at how the pandemic has forever changed how we communicate and work collaboratively.

The definition of ‘work’ is changing. It no longer needs to be a place to go, it’s now a collection of activities. For many of us the working day does not involve a desk, and we can be fully supported and available using mobile IT and communications tools wherever required. Now could be the time for innovative collaboration tools to establish a strong foothold.

Rob explores how collaboration technology is being adopted and adapted to support organisational processes and cultures. He says, “To move forward, organisations need a balanced approach that deals with three main elements: technology that is flexible and scalable, streamlined business processes, and a willingness from people because effective collaboration and good communications are fundamentally based on individual confidence and a positive organisational culture.”

Read more of Rob’s analysis and insight on how technology is shaping the world of work and enhancing collaboration in TechComms’ commissioned article, “The Future of Work and Communications.” Download a complimentary copy here.

More about the author:

Rob Bamforth is founder and director of Timefort Limited. He has worked for over 15 years as an industry analyst, mostly with Quocirca. Rob has written numerous articles, research reports, and white papers encompassing the impact and management of mobile devices, security, the cloud, the internet of things, unified communications, and video conferencing.