When it comes to cybersecurity, there are two sides to artificial intelligence 

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more pervasive in our lives, we see both its potential for good and the cracks in its armour. Let’s start with the good news. As we recently blogged, cybersecurity is a topic of serious concern for businesses all around the world. The threat of a cyberattack looms large and the consequences of one can cripple a business with downtime and enormous cost. 

More and more AI is being used to thwart an attack and this article alludes to just thatMachine learning algorithms can examine the vast amount of data moving across networks in real-time far more effectively than humans ever could and learn to recognize patterns that indicate a threat.” This means faster response time to potential threats enabling organisations to be more proactive and avoid issues. According to IBM, companies that use AI and automation to detect and respond to data breaches save an average of $3 million compared to those that don’t. This is an area where AI can shine and potentially change the way companies defend themselves against cyberattacks. 

But there is another less helpful side to AI in cybersecurity. Cyber criminals have also been using it to create mass phishing attacks. AI can rapidly reproduce emails that can be used to deceive employees and gain a point of entry to wreak havoc across a network. It is also increasingly more difficult to recognise an AI attack versus a human attack. AI has become alarmingly sophisticated making it difficult for IT departments to protect systems. 

At TechComms, we work with b2b clients that specialise in providing cybersecurity solutions to keep organisations safe and protect their most valuable assets— company and employee data. Cybersecurity is a topic of importance for every business – it’s time to get serious about creating more awareness about why security isn’t just a job for your IT team. Your entire organisation plays a role. 

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