Will my analyst briefing lead to a report? 

Building relationships with key analysts can further refine your business model strategy, product roadmap and overall approach to market. The goal with b2b analyst relations is to achieve long-term and positive relationships. As with any business relationship, it’s important to keep in mind what the analyst’s needs are and how to foster and nurture the relationship over time. 

A one-time briefing with an analyst is unlikely to result in being included in a report. That is why building a connection and a long-term relationship via regular contact in the form of sharing company news or arranging briefings for milestone announcements like a new product launch, strategic change in direction or acquisition/merger/partnership news is so important. 

While there’s no guarantee of inclusion in a report, connecting with key analysts can be instrumental for building thought leadership and trust with your customers. Making a big investment in a technology solution or service requires customers to do their due diligence and reaching out to analysts and reviewing their reports is often part of their purchase decision-making journey. 

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