What can I expect in a b2b tech analyst briefing?

Analyst firms have clearly laid out processes for completing major research projects. If you don’t follow these rules, you run the risk of being omitted from important reports. There are also rules to follow for setting up briefings by completing specific vendor briefing forms. It may take a while to hear if you’ve been selected to give a briefing so planning far in advance of major company and product milestone announcements is critical. 

As for the actual briefing and what to expect, it will be different from meeting with a journalist. Analysts aren’t interested in headline news. They want to hear about why your customers are purchasing your solutions and how the technology implementation is progressing. Customer wins that haven’t been publicly announced can be referenced in one-on-one analyst meetings, as long as it’s made clear the information is confidential. 

Analysts will ask a number of questions and expect you to provide detailed technical, analytic and strategic details. An analyst briefing can be more involved and require a great deal of preparation in advance to make the most of the time you have with them. It’s typical to show a demo and provide multiple customer success stories and/or customer contacts for an analyst to contact them directly for more specifics about their experience with your company, technology and services. 

At TechComms, we work with our clients to ensure successful analyst briefings and provide preparation materials to maximise outreach. We’d love to help make your AR briefings a success, please contact TechComms, a b2b tech marketing and communications agency on + 44 (0) 203 322 8928 to build a programme that gives you the best of both worlds.