Why should I bother briefing B2B tech analysts? 

The truth is your PR team can’t make you brief B2B tech analysts, we will always counsel that you seriously consider it. The reason is that B2B tech analysts offer much-needed perspective and have valuable connections across the industry that can play a key role in your success.  

For B2B tech companies, industry analysts can help to educate the marketplace about the innovations your products or services deliver. Industry analysts can also provide introductions to potential business partners that align with your strategy.

Participating in a research report or commissioning a study can help you message the return on investment you deliver and articulate with evidence the value you provide. This has long-range implications that can help you close sales opportunities and build stronger relationships with existing customers. 

These are just some of the reasons to take a briefing with a B2B tech analyst. Read our Subex success story to learn how analyst relations helped their business make a bigger impact with their customers. 

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