Ambitious Communications Strategy Positions BriteBill for a Successful Acquisition.


1. Raised brand awareness through regular briefings with 12 high profile industry analysts

2. Published numerous guest articles in leading trade publications, as well as quarterly press releases

3. Secured a multi-year retainer for ongoing innovative communications projects


With a small team, BriteBill’s head of marketing needed assistance in turning ideas into reality. Introduced by a senior telecoms analyst, BriteBill engaged TechComms to help solidify their place in the market as a key player in the industry. To raise awareness and position BriteBill for acquisition, an ambitious communications strategy was required.

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Client: BriteBill
Services: PR, AR, Content Creation


After thorough research, TechComms proposed a multi-tier corporate communications strategy that would enable BriteBill to stand out at the industry’s most prestigious event – Mobile World Congress, gain positive awareness among leading industry analysts, and keep the BriteBill brand top of mind through ongoing press releases and guest articles in industry-specific trade publications.

b2b tech PR and b2b analyst relations outreach initiatives commenced two months prior to the event to gain maximum exposure. Goals surrounding the event included securing a minimum of 6 analyst pre-show briefings, attain at least 6 media profile opportunities, and using hospitality and demo’s at the stand to encourage informal meetings between BriteBill’s senior executives and analysts/media.

Key to the success of the briefings was the well thought-out and designed presentation deck, created by TechComms, to ensure relevant topics were consistently covered. 


The success of the programme was unsurpassed. TechComms managed and hosted regular analyst briefings with twelve leading analyst firms, including Analysys Mason, Gartner, IDC and Stratecast, raising BriteBill’s profile within this influential community. Quarterly press releases were issued, receiving excellent coverage and guest articles were written and placed in trade publications such as Vanilla Plus and Pipeline. TechComms support prior to and during Mobile World Congress helped to further elevate BriteBill’s standing. Following the conference, TechComms identified upcoming relevant reports for contribution by BriteBill and organised post event meetings.

Ultimately, the TechComms strategy of ongoing and positive communications gave BriteBill the visibility and credibility needed for a successful acquisition by Amdocs. The unequaled success of this project resulted in a multi-year retainer for TechComms, which led to exciting initiatives such as research focused on why service providers are failing to meet Gen Z expectations, and the resulting white paper, video, blogs and a report on the research findings.