Personalised PR: How it can increase media engagement 

Personalisation has been a hot marketing trend for the past few years so it’s no surprise it’s trickling into b2b tech PR. It’s a proven way to build customer loyalty, increase sales and is increasingly effective in our current economy—get what we want, when we want it.  When we talk about personalisation in PR, it’s a little different, but the same idea. In b2b tech PR, the audience is media, analysts and influencers. And, yes, you’re still trying to build loyal relationships and increase visibility that can directly and indirectly increase sales. 

Personalised PR is about tailoring PR pitches to better align with what the journalist, analyst or influencer covers, cares about or may be curious about. It eliminates the one-size-fits all pitch and gets back to building a long-term relationship. This approach allows us to get more personal with your outreach and go beyond marketing speak. 

With personalised PR, you build credibility, deepen trust and bring a focus to the information you’re sharing in an interesting and novel way. It’s the best way to be authentic. This is incredibly important as there is still an undercurrent of distrust in the media with tech due to the fallout of cases like Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos. Unfortunately, incidents like this one can often overshadow your best efforts to get your story told. To build trust, you have to back up what you’re saying with action and authenticity. The more personalised your approach the better your chance of securing a media placement. 

We recommend giving your PR team the space and time to research the outlets that are a good fit for whatever you’re announcing. Once you have these targets, you need to follow them on social media, read what they write and make a real effort to get to know their areas of interest. You also have to know what makes your story worth telling—what makes it unusual or stand out from all the others? And how will you add value to their audience and support what they’re up to; it can’t only be about how they can give you visibility. This requires you to build in more time when launching a new product or service, but is well worth the investment to secure press coverage that tells your story in a compelling and authentic way. 

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