How to elevate diversity to build a stronger brand 

Are you making diversity a top priority? When you consider that three out of four job seekers and 76% of employees report that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers, it takes on even more urgency. It’s also critical to the well-being of your brand. Investors, media, analysts and customers want to work with and support brands that make Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) a core value.  

It’s not enough to give lip service to DEI, a commitment must be made along with an investment of time and resources to make a DEI vision a reality. 

Here are three ways to support DEI to build a stronger brand:  

  1. Showcase your commitment. Share how your company is prioritising and taking action to foster diversity. Images or videos along with testimonials from employees at all levels across the organisation will help to highlight your diverse culture. 
  2. Partner with professional associations. Build your brand through strategic sponsorships, thought leadership and by hosting networking events. For example, sponsoring an event such as the  Women in Tech Global Conference can lead to connections with new talent as well as support the women on your team with networking and mentorship opportunities.
  3. Participate in charitable activities that support your company’s diversity efforts. Align your corporate responsibility initiatives with community groups and organisations that represent the various causes, backgrounds and ethnicities your culture includes. Survey your employees to ensure you are focused on causes that matter the most to them. 

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