Four ways to increase your company’s LinkedIn presence

Are you using LinkedIn to your company’s advantage? With more than 575 million registered members, of which 25 million reside in the UK, LinkedIn has become a valuable communication channel for companies to not only recruit top talent, but build their brand following.

The best way to increase your company’s number of followers is to make the effort to:

Create a compelling company profile: This is where you tell your company’s story in an approachable, accessible way. This is not the place for technical jargon or industry speak. To make a connection, you need to appeal in a way that clearly explains what your company does, what it stands for and how you’re set to change your slice of the marketplace. Take the time to complete all elements required for your profile. Visuals will help you tell your story, especially great photos of people—your team and customers.

Post consistently: Don’t just set your profile and then forget about it. Ghosting your LinkedIn profile is detrimental to building meaningful engagement. Establish a weekly or bi-weekly post schedule and be sure to follow through. Offer an interesting point of view that showcases your thought leadership on various newsworthy topics.

Employees are your best brand ambassadors: Once you have your company profile complete, share it with every employee and request that they post it to their personal LinkedIn profiles. Ask them to share LinkedIn posts with their connections. Create the posts for them to share and send them once a week via your company’s communication hub (e.g., Slack) to make it easy for them to post on your company’s behalf. One of the best ways to get them excited about doing this is to provide an incentive. We suggest something like a coffee card, or you could make it a competition and when you reach a number threshold of posts shared, everyone is granted a PTO day as a reward.

Share that you’re on LinkedIn everywhere: Add LinkedIn to all employee signatures. Provide your LinkedIn credentials on marketing pieces and other social channels like Twitter and Facebook. The easier you make it for people to click on your LinkedIn, the more you attract them as followers.

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