b2b analyst relations: Are industry analysts still influential?

We are often asked by clients whether working with industry analysts is a worthwhile investment of time and money. In short, yes. We do believe industry analysts matter and are influential. Here’s our view about the importance of an industry analyst relationship to supplement a successful b2b tech PR programme.

For b2b companies in the start-up phase, an industry analyst can play a key role in helping to educate the marketplace about the innovations your products or services deliver. For example, if you’re carving out a new market segment, PR alone can only get you so far. You really need credibility to validate that there is an actual need for what your company is doing, and an industry analyst can provide this by serving as an unbiased, third-party industry expert.

Industry analysts can provide introductions to important influencers and can make connections with potential partners for you to further your business objectives. This can prove to be priceless if this results in a collaboration that is instrumental to your company’s success.

Participating in an analyst research report or commissioning a study, written by an independent analyst can help you articulate, with evidence, the value you provide and return on investment you deliver. This exercise has long-range implications that can help you close sales opportunities and build stronger relationships with existing customers.

We advise careful consideration when choosing the right industry analyst firm to work with. Consider the following:

  • How respected are they in the industry you’re in or are trying to target? Ask for referrals and do your research to ensure you’ll be in good company.
  • How do they promote the research they do? Will you be allowed to publicise it on various communications channels in tandem with them?
  • What’s the level of engagement necessary for you to get value from the relationship? Are you able to connect with them as needed? Will they speak with your subject matter experts on a monthly or quarterly basis? Are they willing to provide quotes to be used in external marketing collateral?

Once you’ve decided to work with an analyst firm, check out our blog series: The Dos and Don’ts of Analyst Briefings Part I and Part II.

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