b2b analyst relations: How important is it to a successful communications strategy?

When you’re making a cake, you need more than one ingredient and this is the same when it comes to thinking about your b2b tech PR and communications strategy. Relying on one tactic to build brand awareness can limit your ability to reach your target audience. For example, if you were to only rely on media outreach in tech publications you miss the business community at large—investors, influencers and the general public, which can hurt not only brand awareness, but your level of sales prospecting and employee recruitment.

Adding b2b analyst relations as part of your PR programme can expand your level of exposure with more audiences. Analysts are key influencers. Experts in various industries with the ability to discuss technology in a non-biased way with a built-in objectivity is often sorely lacking in other influencer communities. This makes b2b analyst relations critically important to gaining credibility in your market.

Our TechComms team works side-by-side with many of the top industry analyst firms,providing our clients with valuable introductions and forums to vet new products and launch brand initiatives. We find their expertise and feedback to be instrumental in shaping b2b tech PR and marketing strategies. We’ve highlighted how our b2b analyst relations programme works for our client, Subex, which has resulted in inclusion in two leading industry reports and what that has meant for their business in a case study.

We’ve also written a number of insightful blog posts detailing how analysts can add an important dimension to b2b tech PR and b2b content creation. Read them here.    

As part of our b2b analyst relations services we’d like to help you build relationships with analysts and influencers that matter to your business. Contact us on + 44 (0) 203 322 8928.