Webinar best practices 

Webinar best practices

Webinars have proved a great virtual alternative to the numerous events and industry conferences that have been cancelled over the last several months. As well as being cost-effective, webinars are great for generating sales leads and help to build your company brand value with a captive audience.

If you are considering hosting your first webinar, it’s important to plan and prepare, to ensure your webinar is a success. This includes capturing your participants’ attention while providing valuable information.

The ‘dos and don’ts’ of hosting a successful webinar include the following:

  • Do practice; do a dry run of the webinar with an internal audience
  • Do test the audio to ensure you’ll capture a clear recording
  • Don’t try to cram too much information on your slides
  • Do make slides visually impactful and appealing
  • Do stick to one topic
  • Don’t have more than two speakers
  • Do have each speaker briefly introduce themselves
  • Do allow each speaker to advance their own slides
  • Do speak clearly; use a script to avoid excessive pausing and to keep on message
  • Do leave a lot of time for participants to ask questions and take the time to answer all of them
  • Do follow up within two days with a link to the recorded on-demand webinar
  • Don’t make it longer than 45 minutes total (this includes the Q&A session)
  • Do take a poll (at the beginning or end of the webinar) to learn more about the participants and encourage active participation

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