Multi-level Campaign Boosts Innovile’s Standing Among Industry Influences


1. Increased brand awareness through 15 analyst and five media briefings at Mobile World Congress

2. Exceeded coverage targets by securing 5 articles in key titles including Pipeline Magazine, VanillaPlus and more

3. Raised the company profile as a finalist for the SCT Small Cell Awards


Innovation is never more apparent than within the telecommunications industry. And it is these very advancements that has made it a fertile environment for new network solutions and services organisations to spring up across the globe. To stay ahead of what is becoming a crowded playing field, telecommunications vendors need to stand out to get their voices heard.

Innovile, a leading provider of smart network management and optimisation solutions and services needed to raise their profile, build brand recognition and create trust and loyalty with key audiences. To gain the type of traction they desired, it was crucial for them to build positive relationships with key analysts and journalists. And to do this they needed someone who had the skills and established relationships to connect them with the industry’s most prominent influencers.

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Client: Innovile


TechComms developed a detailed communications plan that would not only take Innovile to the next level in brand recognition, but enable them to obtain industry intelligence and identify an analyst partner for a research project. With Mobile World Congress (MWC) just around the corner, time was of the essence to secure pre, during and post event introductions and briefings with analysts and journalists.

To further ensure Innovile was in good stead and stood out at a very crowded trade show, TechComms worked closely with the team to create a strategic news angle to drive interest for influencers. Our multi-tier objectives were to secure meetings between industry influencers and Innovile’s senior leaders, update their corporate and SON product messaging, and conduct an extensive competitor analysis to help set them apart from others in this space. TechComms also updated the company and product brochures for the sales team to use with customers and prospects and created and managed a regular stream of high-quality social media posts to further amplify their presence and activity at the show.

TechComms worked with Innovile to identify relevant topics that was leveraged to develop thought leadership content. Media pitches were developed, based on these ideas and distributed to key journalists, and a corporate analyst presentation deck was created that incorporated Innovile’s new messaging across all products.


The campaign exceeded targets across all initiatives. During this same period Innovile won a major deal with MegaFon, which provided additional opportunities for trade publication coverage, as well as a press release.

The campaign put Innovile on the radar for industry media with articles published in Pipeline Magazine, TelecomPaper, and VanillaPlus. In total, TechComms secured five article placements and identified and created an award entry for the SCT Small Cell Awards, that resulted in Innovile being selected as a finalist.

Analyst briefings went beyond expectations. At a minimum, the goal was to secure four analyst briefings. At 15 total briefings – three pre MWC, eight during the event and four following MWC – Innovile was able to rapidly build rapport and awareness with key analysts such as ABI Research, Analysys Mason, Gartner, Heavy Reading, IDC, Ovum, Telecoms Tracker and Strategy Analytics, as well as with industry association leader TM Forum. TechComms not only arranged the briefings, they also created briefing books for spokespeople, hosted the meetings and provided detailed debriefs, including important next steps.


“We tasked TechComms with supporting us in building our brand presence and generating awareness with industry analysts, media and prospect clients at MWC. As part of this initiative, TechComms engaged Dean Ramsay, Telecoms Tracker to conduct a competitor analysis. The research hit the mark in providing us with market knowledge, challenges and key competitor insight. I was very impressed with the strategic approach that TechComms took by completing a deep analysis of our competitors, researching our products and participating in several briefings to help shape the new messaging for the company. TechComms made sure that website and marketing materials reflected the brand’s key strengths and resonated with the target audience.

TechComms developed great thought leadership ideas for us which resulted in a guest article in key telecoms trade titles, which our sales team have leveraged by sharing it with our customers. The team also created a detailed social media plan for us to promote our presence at the show, which has helped us to build our number of followers and develop regular interactions.

However, I think the most successful part of the project was the number of analyst briefings that myself and the team participated in during the show. TechComms delivered way beyond our expectations – we all benefited in meeting with industry analysts, not only briefing them about our company, but also being able to take away the valuable insights they provided to us.”
Erdal Koklu, CEO of Innovile


“Rahme and the team at TechComms are renowned in the industry for connecting upcoming software vendors with the appropriate industry researchers and thought leaders. This can often be a difficult proposition as many of the specialized sector knowledge is not necessarily present in the large consulting firms and requires a more focused subject matter expert, many of which are independent and may be more difficult to track down. In my experience TechComms’ wide base of contacts and specialist knowledge has been highly effective in making these connections, and in the case of Innovile has had a strong impact on building the company’s brand awareness and boosting their strategic plan for growth in the telco space”
Dean Ramsay, Research Director, Telecoms Tracker