How to manage a B2B analyst relations programme? 

Your b2b tech public relations (PR) and analyst relations (AR) team can take the lead on setting up analyst briefings, but for a b2b analyst relations programme to be a success you’ll need a dedicated contact person from your marketing, product marketing or communications team to lead the charge. The reason this is necessary is because there needs to be coordination and scheduling of key stakeholders—subject matter experts, product management, executives— to provide the level of detail and source materials analysts need to get an in-depth understanding of your company’s strategy and product roadmap. 

To make b2b analyst relations a successful programme for your company, here are three tips. 

  1. Assign an analyst relations liaison. This person will need to arrange for subject matter experts to brief analysts and be the central contact for creating materials that can be shared with analysts as well as arrange any product demonstrations. Keep in mind: Analysts are focused on long-term trends, technology and product roadmaps and strategy so any briefings will likely need to align to this focus.
  1. Work closely with your b2b tech PR and AR  team. Invite a PR / ARteam member to sit in on briefing calls so that they can coordinate any follow up actions that might be needed and also hear first-hand what analysts are saying about your company’s initiatives. Determine how frequently you’ll be briefing analysts—once a quarter, twice a year, once a year for example. You may consider a formal agreement with an analyst firm and your PR/AR team can help you work out the details. 
  1. Keep track of analyst reports and studies. Build a calendar of planned reports and check-in often with analysts to find out what they’re writing about and how your company may assist analysts with completing their research. 

We work with our clients to bring AR together with PR. For more information about how b2b analyst relations could benefit your business, please contact TechComms, a b2b tech marketing and communications agency on + 44 (0) 203 322 8928 to build a programme that gives you the best of both worlds.