Security tips for a hybrid workforce

We all love the flexibility of working from anywhere. This week, we will be working Kaseya DattoCon Europe 2023. It is important to not forget that when sharing highly confidential and proprietary data back-and-forth with clients, business partners, and colleagues from airports, and conference events – bad actors can gain access to data. We are all accountable for protecting the data we’re entrusted with.

We shared some quick ideas for how you can make remote work more secure in our blog here. But now we’re going to go a bit deeper. We have had the good fortune of working with many clients in the Managed Service Provider (MSPs) and cybersecurity space. We admire their commitment to educating and bringing awareness to the many cyber threats organisations can face. And we’ve learned a thing or two, so now it’s our turn to share!

Make two-factor authentication your BFF. Yes, it’s a pain when you want to access info quickly, but it truly is one of the very best ways to protect your data from a breach. Here’s why: it’s an added layer of security before you’re able to access the network. This is particularly helpful when working remotely from a public place like a coffee shop, an airport, or a train where internet passwords can be easily stolen.

Establish strict remote access policies. The cloud is central to how we work and for keeping information accessible from anywhere. It’s also extremely vulnerable to bad actor threats, which makes it essential to update security policies. Implementing a strict remote access policy can save your organisation from potential catastrophic threats (think malware attacks) and long periods of downtime. 

Support your IT team: Take the 5 minutes to do what they ask. When you receive an urgent email alert from your internal IT team, or a managed service provider that may be overseeing your IT, please don’t ignore it. Do what they ask immediately to protect and secure your company’s data.  And if they need you to take some steps to back up certain files or participate in ethical hacking (pen) tests to assess security vulnerabilities, please help them out and do whatever is necessary to keep data safe.

Security isn’t top of mind for many of us working remotely, but it needs to be. Like it or not as a hybrid workforce we’re unwittingly putting our organisations at higher risk of a security breach. We can help you understand why it’s important to strengthen your security posture and make security a priority, please contact TechComms, a b2b tech marketing and communications agency on + 44 (0) 203 322 8928.