How to elevate your team’s security IQ

Working remotely during the pandemic ushered in a whole slew of new challenges, especially around security. Out of necessity, organisations supported this shift to remote work and with many companies now following a hybrid approach, it’s more important than ever to address the elephant in the room — the need for increased awareness around security.

To protect corporate data, you have to have your entire team working together to follow the policies you put in place. Wait, you don’t have a policy? This is the first step. Every organisation has different needs when it comes to their network and systems. Identify your key security concerns and find a third-party partner to help you develop and implement a plan to keep information safe.

Next, it’s time to educate and train employees on why it’s vital to prioritise security, encourage employees to be active participants in ensuring all data is protected. This means investing in training  to spot phishing attempts, suspicious emails, and other security risks. It could also mean hiring a third-party to test your employees and network for security vulnerabilities. For those employees that are unable to identify a threat and click a link or open an attachment, follow up with additional training resources to help them learn how to avoid doing that in a real-world scenario.

Constant communication with your team about security threats will help them to understand why security is an important issue that needs their attention. Putting together a helpful guide with tips and best practices will also help to reinforce key points and be a reference for employees to easily access.

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