Do I have to pay B2B tech analysts to write about my company?

This is a question we’ve heard many times. The simple answer is that it depends on the activity you are engaging in with the analyst. You would have to pay an analyst if you’ve commissioned a study. For example, a Forrester Economic Impact study is research that your company pays to have Forrester execute and complete. This type of study can be invaluable for helping to quantify how much ROI your customers realise from using your products and can be featured on your website, in customer emails, marketing materials, press releases and blogs. It helps customers to see the value of what you deliver and it has the added credibility of a trusted expert analysis following a proven methodology. 

If you are selected as a vendor to be included in an independent report, such as Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, you don’t pay to participate. You provide the briefing and any other required materials. The Gartner analyst team comes to their own conclusions based on what they learn by talking with your customers and various sources to rank your company in their Magic Quadrant. 

To gain access to analysts in a more formal way, via quarterly briefings for example, you can engage in a commercial relationship with  the analyst firm. Occasional briefings tied to a new product announcement or participation at an industry event are typically complimentary briefings which don’t incur a cost and can be arranged by your PR / AR team or someone on your internal team. 

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