Audio long read: Why your business needs it

Do you ever wonder if your b2b content creation is even being read? We sure do! That’s why we’re so intrigued with this idea of making content available as an audio experience. It’s called an audio long read and it’s a trending idea that is fast becoming commonplace in b2b tech PR.

What is an audio long read?  Sandwiched between a podcast and audiobook, an audio long read is essentially a blog, article, report or whitepaper read in the style of an audiobook by either yourself or a professional voice artist. Once made, the audio long read can be released as a podcast or clickable link alongside the written content so the site visitor can choose whether to read or listen.

This format has great appeal. With so much content to consume and limited time in our schedules, having the option to listen to a blog or whitepaper while we’re doing other things like making a cup of tea or taking a walk can make it more convenient for people to read/listen to your content and keep coming back for more.

Audio can help form closer connections with customers and prospects because it adds a layer of personalisation that can’t be communicated in written format alone. It lends itself to giving your brand a real-world voice (tone) and may help to establish a more memorable and lasting impression. With the popularity of audiobooks and podcasting, audio long read could be the next best way to reach your audiences.

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