The return of live, in-person events is making us so happy!  

Face-to-face events are continuing to ramp up, and we couldn’t be happier!  We missed the opportunities to network and collaborate with industry colleagues and clients at some of the best conferences during the last three years. Virtual events were a solid stand-in considering the circumstances, but they just couldn’t replace the value of being in-person to hear keynote presenters, attend sessions, see demos live or stop by a stand to say hello and chat for a bit.

We are excited for our clients who are gearing up for an eventful (pun intended!) time this year and we are ready to help support their presence at these events with key company and product announcements, arranging media and analyst briefings and submitting speaker applications to secure a coveted speaking slot.

Here are three tips to make your next event a PR success:

Provide us with a calendar of all the events you’ll be attending. Share your PR goals at these events, such as interviews for executives or speaker opportunities. We’ll use this information to create a timeline and a strategic plan to make sure your events are supported and successful.

Tell us who will be your company spokespeople so we can arrange press and analyst briefings. We can also provide media training prior to the event to make sure your spokespeople know the key messages and feel confident doing interviews.

If you’ll be making any announcements, let us help you create the press release and share it under embargo with media targets to secure coverage on the day of the announcement. This can help make your event presence even more successful.

We’d love to help you prepare for any upcoming industry events/conferences. Contact us to get started.