The Future of PR: What generative AI could mean for b2b tech PR?

There’s lots of hype about generative AI, especially as the popularity of tools like ChatGPT, Bing Chat and Google’s Bard continue to gain momentum. Whilst the waters are still murky as to how best to use these tools in various industries, in communications there are opportunities to use generative AI to enhance specific tasks like SEO keyword insertion.  Generative AI cannot replace human writing—tone or voice—and it can’t be copyrighted. It immediately becomes public domain so any proprietary or confidential information shouldn’t be run through generative AI.

If you choose to use generative AI tools, keep the following best practices in mind:

  • Any work done using generative AI tools is only as good as the inputs that are entered. Is it accurate? Factual? Helpful? Errors and misleading information can lead to a PR crisis. Proceed with caution.
  • All content generated by AI must be reviewed and refined by a human writer. There can be no exception to this. It needs to be checked for errors and also edited to convey authentic human tone.
  • No copyright protection is available for generative AI content. Only copy created by a human being is protected by copyright laws.      

Generative AI tools may have a place in PR, but it’s still early days. Guidelines are slowly being established.  In the meantime, remember, PRs spend years building trusted relationships with clients and our clients trust us to write authentic content. Using GenAI to create content and then claiming it as your own is the quickest way to break down your client’s trust.

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