TechComms Wins PRCA DARE Award





We are truly honoured to not only be recognised by PRCA, the world’s largest professional PR association, but to win one of its most prestigious awards – Small Consultancy of the Year! Up against stiff competition, our dedication, passion, professionalism, and proven results highlighted our achievements.

Our small but dedicated team works relentlessly to create and deliver the PR programmes and content that enable our clients to build their brand and credibility as industry thought leaders. From the start our mission has been to bring together a team of experts that have a single goal: to help our clients achieve their business objectives. With a multinational, multicultural team of experts across AR, PR, marketing, content creation, and media disciplines, we not only achieve this goal but consistently surpass it.

Why did we win this years’ PRCA Small Consultancy of the Year award?

Client retention and continued growth. We pride ourselves on consistently achieving our goal of retaining more than 90 percent of our clients for 12-months or more. One of our most longstanding clients has been with TechComms since 2018 and had this to say about TechComms, “TechComms is hard working and results driven, and deserving of this recognition.”

Our drive to exceed client expectations. Our goal is not just to achieve objectives set but to surpass them every time and with every client. This is accomplished by tracking our deliverables, including relevance and reach of coverage results, creating annual share of voice analysis to help benchmark PR against client competitors, and ensuring that content is reviewed by two team members before being sent to the client.

Our relentless pursuit of innovation. From new client products to a new approach to staffing and everything in between, TechComms invests in its people and clientele. Some of our more recent client offerings include podcasts as a platform, video and podcast services, and providing LinkedIn content for campaigns. From an internal perspective we host podcasts that feature industry experts on technologies and trends, developed an internal heat rating analysis to measure AR success, and underwent digital transformation.

Low internal turnover. Our six staff employees have an average tenure of 5 years (a few months to 14 years). Our low churn rate extends to our freelance network who average 5 years with TechComms. Support of professional growth and staff retention includes monthly knowledge sharing/learning sessions, annual team training, monthly relationship building lunches with key journalists, and ongoing development through memberships with CIPR and IIAR.

What an honour it is to be recognized by PRCA, as well as our peers for the work we do to raise our clients’ profiles and create lasting results through high-quality B2B tech services.

We’d like to help you build relationships with the B2B media and analysts that matter to your business.

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