TechComms podcast series: Getting more “punk” with your new ways of working

We are excited to bring to you our second podcast in the TechComms podcast series: ‘Exploring new ways of working in today’s environment’.

Our podcast series explores all elements of the new ways of working in today’s environment, from the challenges and opportunities of a hybrid working model, to how new technologies and work practices can optimise cost and drive value through agile working. We will also explore how moving from siloed business strategies to a collaborative model can drive business growth and improve customer engagement.

In this episode, we talk to author, podcaster and communications thought leader Adrian Swinscoe to discuss the future of work. Adrian shares his thoughts, backed upon his insights from his book, Punk CX, where he discusses how to put more of a human touch into your communications, why companies should listen more and not to be afraid to speak the truth. We also discuss how 70% of all CX strategies will fail!

Please take 20 minutes out of your day to listen to our second episode of this new series, we hope you enjoy it.

Here is a link to listen across platforms: