How to be a happy PR

In theory, do what you love, love what you do is a no-brainer, but in practice is this true? PR is fast-paced, high stress and incredibly demanding at times, and while those of us at TechComms both love and hate the reality of this, we’ve chosen this profession because we know we make a positive impact for our clients every day. This is what drives us to do our best. When we’re happy at work, we are more productive and engaged.  So, how did our team get to this enlightened, happy place? Here’s a few of the top tips that we live by to ensure our office stays a happy one to work in:

Choose client work carefully.

We can’t be all things to all clients. When we specialise and become experts, we provide better service and we keep from running around the office all day like our hair is on fire! ‘No’ is a perfectly acceptable response to a client if what they’re asking for is far outside the scope of what you can deliver. However, you should always manage clients’ expectations so that they know from Day One exactly what you are able and willing to do for them, to avoid unmet expectations. Falling into the trap of overpromising and under delivering hurts your personal brand, and impacts the brand reputation of the consultancy you represent. So, it’s far better to make wise choices when it comes to the client work you accept.

Make sure you’re working with a supportive and collaborative team.

Does the team you work with have your back? Do your clients embrace you as part of their extended team? Are you being appreciated for your efforts and the contributions you make? It’s important to take stock of this periodically to make sure you have the right support system around you to lean on and learn from because, without it, being a happy PR becomes more of a challenge. Taking time out to socialise with your team is important, for example having a cake when it is someone’s birthday or going out for a Christmas dinner together. We do that sort of team bonding lots here at TechComms, and it’s made our team closer and stronger.

Make work-life balance a priority.

We can’t stress this enough: you must do what the airline attendants tell us and put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others. When you’re not taking time out of your busy working week for self-care and the pursuit of outside interests, it shines through – and not in a good way. It can make you more anxious, short-tempered and less open-minded to new ideas. So, we always recommend leaving your desk to go and make a cuppa, signing up for after work activities or volunteering. Most importantly though, and this is something that even our MD stresses, make sure you enjoy your time off work when you take leave. Go enjoy yourself and spend time with family and friends. Come back refreshed, renewed and ready to impress your clients.

Know your superpowers.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. The secret to fulfilment at work is focusing on what you can do well. How can you best contribute to the cause? For example, perhaps you’re a social media warrior, but when it comes to making phone pitches you feel more like hiding under your desk. Instead of putting yourself through the misery of it, talk openly and honestly with your team about where you’d like to focus your energies to support your clients’ PR needs. Then, go off and do an amazing job at what you do best.

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