Hot media topics driving b2b tech PR efforts right now

At TechComms, we have a distinct vantage point when it comes to what topics are trending and resonating with the media. We work closely with our clients to uncover the stories, points of view and messaging that aligns with what our clients do for their customers and what is newsworthy and relevant for the media.

Here’s a look at three trending tech topics we advise our clients to take note of:

Customer experience (CX): No matter the industry, CX has taken centre stage. It is the guiding force for all businesses in an age where customers’ opinions, voices, and expectations are demanding a more personalised and value-driven experience. Whether this is shopping for household goods, the latest fashions or technology solutions—the customer is king or queen. Creating an exceptional customer experience is essential to success. How has your business enhanced its CX this year? Reporters want to know.


Security: Data has become at once a company’s most valuable and most at-risk asset. Security threats and vulnerabilities loom large and staying ahead of ever-more sophisticated cyberattacks is priority number one. Companies that offer cloud protection solutions and security expertise have a lot to offer to reporters as the need to educate the marketplace on how to keep data safe and protected is an ongoing necessity.


Evolving technologies (5G, AI, cryptocurrencies): As new technologies move from the hype cycle to reality, it’s time to craft stories that showcase how companies can take advantage of the benefits of them and feature real-world customer success stories to solidify the validity of these innovations as they fuel the digital transformation happening across small-mid sized enterprises. There is still a lot of fear and uncertainty about these technologies making it even more important to show why 5G, AI and cryptocurrency matter now and in the future. 


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