Give it Time: Use the power of patience for PR success

Instant gratification has infiltrated our collective consciousness and our “want it now, get it now” kind of mindset all too often spills over into our work lives. The simple truth is: Building meaningful relationships with customers and the media and creating a lasting brand takes time and having the patience to allow your b2b tech PR agency partner to do it is critical.

While we completely agree your amazing product or service deserves attention, there is no magic way for us to get it covered unless we are allowed to do the hard work of building relationships with target media and positioning your experts (thought leaders) as relevant sources of quality commentary.

So, we kindly ask for your patience. And we realise this can be easier said than done. We appreciate that you have objectives you’re trying to meet and ROI you want to see from your relationship with us, but if we aren’t given the runway to establish your PR presence and build your reputation, we will always be behind the proverbial eight ball when it comes to providing you with the significant value PR can bring to your organisation.

Famed entrepreneur E. Joseph Cossman once said, “The greatest power is often simple patience.” We could not agree more with this statement. Companies who are able to exercise patience when launching a PR partnership are able to leverage PR more effectively and see results faster. How can this be the case? It has to do with building a foundation before you add the walls. A truly great PR partner is going to be about more substance and less flash and they are going to deliver on what they’ve promised. If your PR partner hasn’t told you honestly about what it takes to build meaningful relationships with reporters and influencers and they don’t have a process for learning your business, we advise you to question them or re-evaluate.

For example, when we start working with your team, we request the following: a full briefing from key stakeholders in your organisation; access to marketing and product content that can be used to build PR pitches for the media; spokespeople trained to speak with the media and stay on message (we can help with training); a social media presence we can expand to support our PR outreach and most important of all we need time—this can range from several weeks to a few months for us to really learn your business, identify media targets and create a PR strategy aligned with your business goals.

We find this approach enables us to better meet your expectations and while it may take more time than you’d like it to, it is so worth it in the end. And if you need help setting realistic expectations for PR results with internal stakeholders, we can provide it to ensure a smooth transition. So, while you’re waiting and starting to feel like: Is our PR team doing any work for us? Let us assure you we are busy behind the scenes building a viable PR program for you. With your support and patience, we can show you how PR can make your brand an industry leader and create next-level (beyond marketing) awareness for your products amongst your customers and prospects.

There’s a reason that all good things come to those who wait. Patience can be your secret weapon when it comes to helping your b2b tech PR team hit the ground running. We would love to help you with your b2b tech PR programme services and build relationships  that matter to your business. Contact us on + 44 (0) 203 322 8928.

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