Getting graphic: How journalists are embracing multimedia to inform and extend their stories

Today’s journalists are in fierce competition for readers’ attention. Let’s face it: Content is becoming a commodity. It’s easily accessible and everywhere, which makes the need for a story to stand out even more important. Graphics and visual elements can bring announcements like a new product launch to life and could make it more likely that a journalist will cover your news.

But before you go sending just any image, think it through. Be strategic about what you include with your pitch or news release. And follow the publication’s guidelines (check their website to find exact image/graphic specifications). You want to make sure the graphic is high resolution (no grainy pixels, please!). Send it with a caption that clearly details what the image is showing. 

Boost a partnership announcement by showing your teams working together at a customer site. If it’s data you’re publishing, pull micrographics from your ebook or report and share interesting snippets that a journalist can easily include in their reporting. Share these elements as a link (not an attachment) or create a landing page where journalists can connect to a link to find a list of different images where they can choose what to include. Extra points for a short, well-produced video that can accompany your news item.

When building relationships with the media, focus on doing what you can do to make their jobs easier. Graphics can help increase your chances of having your story told. Pro tip: It helps to visualise how you’d like a story to appear online or in print with the graphic elements that will make it memorable and then use it as your inspiration to create what you will send to journalists.

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