Event Cancelled? Why hosting a virtual event could be just as effective to support sales

Event Cancelled? Why Hosting a Virtual Event Could be Just as Effective to Support Sales

As we all do our best to adjust to new realities during the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to assure our clients we are still here for you in every way you’ve come to rely on us. This includes our support of events.

As conferences and large-scale events get postponed or cancelled, we recognise the need to still communicate new product launches and company announcements that were often the hallmark of your event participation. In lieu of speaking or exhibiting at an event during this time, webinars can be a great alternative to consider.

Here’s a look at the advantages of hosting a webinar.

Allows for a more intimate connection with your customers and prospects. Instead of being rushed to provide your elevator pitch in the noisy backdrop of a conference hall, you can take the time to talk through the key points and show a demo or share a case study that drives home the value of what you’re offering customers and prospects.

Captive audience. Webinar participants typically set aside the time to devote their attention to what they’re interested in learning more about. This isn’t always the case at an industry event where attendees walk from stand to stand and aren’t necessarily as engaged. One of the most valuable benefits of hosting a webinar is the Q&A session at the end. This interaction allows for you to make a deeper connection and provide important information about your company’s new product or services.

More touchpoints. Unlike with a live event, where you may scan a person’s badge and follow up via email one time, webinars give you the opportunity to make contact multiple times, including the initial invite, reminders, and a link to the on-demand webinar recording. You could also provide a transcript of the Q&A session.

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