Create live stream content that connects to your audience in four easy steps

Thanks to the wonders of technology and top quality cameras, anyone with a smartphone can live stream in real-time. This can be both good and bad. The good is that it’s an ideal way to make a faster connection with clients, media, employees and prospective customers that is authentic and real. The bad is the background or location can completely take away from the message you’re trying to communicate. 

Here are four easy steps to follow to create crisp, compelling live stream content: 

  • Stand still. We can’t stress this enough. Resist the urge to be walking and talking. You risk sounding breathless and picking up on background noise you can’t control. 
  • Speak slowly. To be understood, you have to slow your speech with intention and pause more frequently. Since this isn’t natural for us to do, jotting down a quick script before turning your camera on can help ensure your message is clear, concise and easily understood. It’s helpful to practice in front of a mirror or read it aloud before going live. 
  • Keep it short. Try to keep your remarks to one minute or less and focus what you’re saying on the action you want a viewer to take. For example, if you’re making a product promotion live stream to post to LinkedIn, think of having the audience click a link or scan a QR code to find out more information. Relay key information that will compel them to follow up.  
  • Find a quiet place. The tradeshow floor does seem like it’d be the perfect place to live stream from, but the large openness of these venues along with the noise of lots of people talking can completely distract from any words you are speaking. Pick an area that is quiet with an appropriate backdrop when you’re ready to go. 

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