Before you pitch: A b2b tech pr’s to-do list for earning media coverage

It’s not a secret that journalists hear from PR pros A LOT. In fact, according to Cision’s 2022 State of the Media Report, 46% of journalists receive 50 pitches per week, and more than 22% get 100+ pitches per week not just by email, but by phone and social media too. With this kind of volume, it’s not surprising that 91% of journalists say only about half the pitches they receive are relevant to their audience or sector, meaning they end up in the trash folder.

When it comes to b2b tech PR pitching, quantity doesn’t count for quality. So, what can you do to make sure your story rises above the noise and stands out? Do your homework!

Learn their beat. Look up the journalist on Google and LinkedIn and find out what they cover and their areas of interest. Make sure the pitch is being sent to the right contacts to increase your chances of staying in their inbox. Personalisation goes a long way. Check out our tips to personalise your PR. 

Follow them on social media. Build a relationship. Comment on an interesting article. Read other articles that the journalist has written. Keep tabs on industry events they’re attending, where they’re presenting, what they’re liking and linking to, to have a real understanding of their focus areas.

Respect their boundaries. If they’ve noted how they like to receive story ideas, contact them via that channel only. For example, don’t  contact them by phone and DM if they’ve clearly stated email only. And, for the love of all that is good, find out what regional area they cover and stick to sending pitches relevant to their geo.

Editorial calendars are still a thing. Old-school as it may seem, editorial calendars are still extremely relevant and the very best place to start aligning with coverage topics and timing. Check the publication website to find it and use it to plan your pitches.

Our final piece of advice has to do with follow up. The Cision report highlighted that 55% of journalists say one follow-up is enough, and 14% say twice is okay. But, keep in mind, as many as 31% say “thanks, but no thanks” to following up altogether. Yes, be persistent, but be reasonable. If they’re ghosting you, it’s likely that your pitch isn’t of interest to them, so move on and pitch your story to another journalist. 

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